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Management 3.0 - “Appreciation is free and goes a long way”

Bijgewerkt op: 31 mrt. 2022

Make a different start and have a better meeting just by sharing your appreciation.

In my meetings a check in has been the first point of order for a while now.

All attendees take a moment to state that they are free of impediments to give their full attention to the meeting.

Or: they share that there actually is an impediment. Sometimes the notification is sufficient and other times there is a short discussion about this specific impediment.

And even though I always thought this part of the meeting was valuable, I always had the feeling that there was something more that could be done.

Recently I bought a box of Management 3.0 Kudo Cards just because I thought it was good fun to have an easy enabler for everybody in my company to share their appreciation for one another.

And then I got this super simple idea that I would like to share with you.

When you chair the meeting, make it a point to share your appreciation to each participant present.

Before the meeting just write a Kudo Card for all participants. Have the cards on the table with the compliment face down and the name of the intended compliment-receiver on the back of the card.

As you open the meeting, invite everyone to take their own card. I like to leave it optional to the recipient of the compliment to share their compliment, since a compliment can be rather personal.

After sharing the compliment, I still do the check in. But now it feels “complete”. We ask all participants if there are impediments to a full commitment to the meeting we are about to have, after we shared our appreciation for each other.

I have done this a few times now and my experience is that not only did we have a better meeting that day, we had a better day together in general!

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